Services and Information

Accessible Home Remodeling (AHR) is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and to ensure safety and satisfaction with your project.  AHR was built on integrity and with the promise to be efficient and compassionate.  We always keep the American Disability Association (ADA) in our service standards.  We’ll work with your needs.

A variety of designs and services that is available:

  • Handrails, grab bars, lever style door handles, single lever plumbing fixtures, swing-clear door hinges.
  • Ramps; custom wood for back porches or trailers, aluminum and rubber for front doors and carports.
  • Custom modified bathrooms for safe easy access.
  • Kitchens altered with accessible countertops and cabinet pullouts.
  • Electrical switches at ADA heights.
  • Sensor controlled lighting.
  • Home modifications are performed for those that have a disability or feel unsteady.  This type of remodeling helps you to meet the challenges of independent living by creating a freedom that provides adaptations.

Modifications to our surroundings are becoming necessary as we grow older and face added challenges to remain living in our individual homes.  Falls are the most common accident around the home and can be prevented with the preparation of a safe environment ahead of time.

There are more accidents that happen in the bathroom than in any other room. Some solutions may include:

  • Non-skid mats both inside and outside the bath/shower to reduce the chance of slipping and falling.
  • Install bath seat bench.
  • Installing grab bars, we recommend 1 ¼” in diameter stainless steel peened.
  • Replace twist knobs with lever action handle faucets.
  • Avoid burning yourself with an anti-scald device or turn down the water heater to warm or 120 degrees.
  • Adding a raised toilet seat extender with arms.
  • Nightlights to brighten up dark areas.


  • Replace cabinet and drawer knobs with D-shaped handles, they’re easier to grasp.
  • Replace cabinet shelves with pull-out shelves.
  • Upgrade lighting with easy-to-install under-cabinet-task lighting.


  • Replace round door knobs with leavers.  Replace light switches with illuminating rocker switches.
  • Widen doorways or install swing-clear door hinges for easier access.


  • Install motion sensor lights you’re never in the dark.
  • Build ramps for those with walkers or wheelchairs.
  • Walkway and stepping stones should be flush with landscaping dirt or gravel to avoid rolling of ankles.